We came to KARS for the first time for a new alternator to be replaced. Robert Kelly was absolutely awesome! He did an overall check of our old truck and was up front and honest with what we needed to get done in order to be safe on the road. He provided top quality work and above that. KARS is highly rated, fast and friendly and way beyond excellent customer service. In our first visit we found our new permanent mechanic!

T. Meisler

I took my old Chevy truck to KARS for the first time and was blown away with the awesome service Robert Kelly provided. He does high quality work and is passionate about his work. I was treated as an individual and not just another sale. The team at KARS will be upfront and honest with you and treat you with respect. For a great experience go to KARS. I will be taking all my repairs from now on to KARS and recommending them to all my friends and family.

J. Serrano

Rob has done a couple of repairs on my cars and made sure all of the work was done efficiently, and properly. He did an overall check on my car and honestly let me know what was needed. He loves what he does and it shows in his work. I would recommend KARS to anyone.

T. Ennes

Sunday May 1st, 2011

Re: Letter of Recommendation For Rob Kelly

I am writing this unsolicited letter of recommendation for Mr. Rob Kelly of Kelly’s Automotive Repair Services (K.A.R.S.) in Tempe, Arizona.

After moving to Phoenix from Texas three years ago, I was searching for a good mechanic that I could trust, and heard about Rob from a neighbor. At the time Rob was working for a high-end repair shop, and we quickly hit it off when we discussed the multiple issues I was having. He was very familiar with my vehicle and had to diagnose and repair some pretty tricky electrical problems. Over the years I’ve found too many businesses where “customer service” is great….but actually doing great work takes a back seat to the somewhat artificial mirage of service, but Rob was different.

What I found in Rob was passion. He clearly cared about doing good work and always pointed out what he did, always going above and beyond. I’ve worked in sales for 15 years and have been with Johnson & Johnson for 10 of those, and have always believed “take care of the customer (or patient)” and the business will follow. Rob follows that principle, and that type of integrity is hard to find these days. I was a bicycle mechanic for 4 years in college and am well aware that two identical jobs can have vastly different results, and often the customer doesn’t know about corners that were cut. You shouldn’t find that with Rob.

Chris Crawford

Phoenix, AZ